So among the many pictures found yesterday, there are many bluebirds. Not as many bluebirds as grackles, but the bluebirds come as one, two, three at a time. You don’t discover (one morning) your entire deck and woods are covered with bluebirds, though wouldn’t that be fun?

As it happened, there were two bluebirds at opposite ends of the feeder, one bluebird per block of suet.
I love when they spread their wings

The price for suet has gone insanely high. Seed is still affordable, more or less, but everything else? Right now, because nothing is growing in the exhausting heat and lack of rain, I’m extending myself for them. If I don’t feed them, many of them will die from starvation and lack of water. Did I mention I put out flat pans of water for them too?

And the last few in this group. There are plenty more!

This little guy is just out of the nest
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  1. Such incredible beauty! Thanks for sharing your bird’s paradise.
    I too put water out. We have hedgerows roaming the place and often we hear them drinking. One dad is huge. But with my terrible eye sight it’s more a matter of listening and relying on HH’s tellings.


    • When it’s this dry — I don’t know if it is as dry there as here — but there’s nowhere for them to drink. We’ve been getting little “popup” showers — five minutes, two minutes. One big one lasted almost 10 minutes. It’s not enough to accomplish much, but anything is better than nothing and I’m hoping that we are about to break this cycle of heat and dry.

      The leaves are turning yellow and falling off the trees. I think we aren’t going to have autumn this year. The trees are going to drop their leaves two months early from lack of water.


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