FOTD – August 8 – Petunias, Begonias and Lantanas

With an occasional five minute rain every few days, only the deck potted flowers are still blooming. But at least we have that. They are beautiful and bright and I hope we get back a few more bright flowers soon.

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  1. 👌👌👌📷🤗🌹


  2. You deck must be gorgeous 😀

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    • It really is, except that it’s breathlessly HOT outside. It feels like a steam room. The heat’s supposed to break by Wednesday. We also have got a forecast (oh let it be true) of two days of rain on Wed/Thursday. The heat has been fierce. We might get a chance to enjoy our deck if temperatures finally drop down into the 70s from the 90-100 range. I sure hope so. And RAIN!


  3. Beauitful! Our garden blooms are all pitiful this year… Yours are pure magic!

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    • These are just five pots (two big ones, three standard size) on the deck. The rest of the flowers are pretty much dead from the dryness and heat. But the weather is supposed to break this week and we should have both cooler temps AND RAIN by Wed/Thursday. Wouldn’t that be GREAT?

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      • It will be fantastic! ❤ With just a tiny bit of rain today, our phlox are shining through! Most years these perennials keep the pollinators going from July through September. Yesterday was 92 degrees, today 72… This has been our worst year for gardening ever. BUT, things are looking up! ❤ xoxoxo


        • We got a five minute rain a few days ago and all the birds did a little rain dance and the squirrels started running up and down the trees. I think it has been such a long dry spell, they got all excited by actual WATER.


  4. what a wonderful scene on your deck

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    • It’s a little patch of beautiful summer in the middle of this seemingly endless heat wave. We should have both cooler temperatures and RAIN by Wednesday. Maybe even tomorrow. It’s getting pretty dark outside, so maybe even a bit of rain today. We had a bit the other day and all the birds came out and danced around. Squirrels too. They got all excited and started running up and down the trees. It has been a long siege for all of us.

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  5. Such a wonderful collection, Marilyn…

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