SHARING MY WORLD – 10 August-ish

Share Your World 10th August-ish

Melanie is temporary absent, so this week, Pensitivity has filled in. Melanie, I hope you are okay. Or will be. Soon.

And the questions are:

When you’re on holiday, do you prefer self catering or a hotel/B&B?

At this point, I like a nice dinner out, and otherwise, self-catering. But hey, if the place includes brunch, who am I to argue? Just don’t set it for 6 in the morning. I’m on vacation!

Do you have a favourite meal you cook for yourself or order when out?

At this point, it’s definitely “cooked by me.” And it would be either Szechuan Shrimp or Singapore Noodles. Although Frittata is moving up the ladder too. We don’t have any great restaurants locally, though if we felt like doing some driving, there are better ones. But very pricey. I can buy a lot of cookbooks for that kind of money.

In the current fuel crisis, have you made a conscious effort not to use the car unless absolutely necessary?

Yes. But to be fair, we weren’t using it much anyway so it wasn’t much of a change.

If you were to compare yourself to a plant, what would you be?

Considering the state of the world? Something that blooms brightly, requires little or no water, and can survive anything. Cactus maybe?

GRATITUDE: I am lucky to have a lot of happy memories from my childhood. Please share one from yours.

Going into Manhattan with my mother. It was usually just around Christmas with some snow falling. All wrapped up in our winter coats. Walking along Fifth Avenue and looking in all the shop windows, especially FAO Schwartz with their amazing collection of huge stuffed animals and electric trains. Then going to the big library, buying hot chestnuts (there was always someone there selling chestnuts). Sitting on the library steps, opening the chestnuts and talking about our day.

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  1. 👌👌👌✒👏👏👏📷 wow


  2. Your memory flashback was so vivid I could see it.


  3. A lovely memory Marilyn. Thanks for playing along.


  4. That’s a nice memory Marilyn. I could almost picture it.

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  5. I enjoyed learning more about you, Marilyn! I’d be a cactus, too. And your childhood memory is beautiful. 💛

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