Fandango’s Provocative Question #177

Do you think, based upon what you’ve seen, read, or heard about the evidence presented so far by the House Select Committee, that it has, in fact, ended Donald Trump’s political career?

I have no idea what will happen. At this point in the proceedings, you’d think we would all have a good idea where these hearings are going and what results we can expect.

Instead, it’s just one more thing I don’t get. Like how come Trump got elected in the first place. I don’t understand how come there are so many ignorant idiots in this country. I also don’t know how the orange idiot survived two impeachments without so much as a close call on conviction. I don’t understand how come he and his contingent of treasonous sycophants aren’t in jail. Where they belong.

On some level, it’s entirely possible I don’t want to understand more. Our politics has become a corrupt mess. Lies, greed,and bigotry. Past a certain point — a point we passed years ago — there’s nothing left for me to do except worry or obsess. Gaining additional knowledge is unlikely to make me feel better.

I certainly hope the hearings will off-load that miserable bag of trash, but I doubt it. Short of the man dying of heart disease — how many Mickey D burgers can one man eat without repercussions? — I’m not sure he will ever leave. Even if he died, it doesn’t mean the damage he did will disappear.

Given his age and stage, mortality will take Trump away sooner or later, but his influence won’t vanish. The loonies who believe more conspiracy theories than I can count aren’t going to suddenly take up reading science and discovering (gasp) reality. Does anyone want to bet that if he died, a lot of his followers will be awaiting his resurrection? Some kind of bizarre GOP version of Christianity with Trump as Christ. Yikes!

It’s going to be at least a generation before his shadow vanishes — if it ever does.

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  1. The sad, sad story goes on…


  2. He won the coup whether he took over the White House on Jan 6th or not. The amount of stupid, ignorant, ill informed, racist idiots out there is unfathomable at this point. Just reading how they are having to put a squelch on some free speech due to extremism rearing it’s ugly head in the military. 80 of the insurrectionists were veterans and some on active duty! And think of the police force in some areas..trump red states etc.
    and now trump is going to fight the release of the information in the warrant. What the hell is he hiding?…I think it’s got more to do with national security and information that he could sell or trade with our enemies, but what do I know. I just know he is the worst thing that has ever happened to our country. And yes watch out for DeSantis..I’m in Fla. and he’s drooling for his chance.


    • One way or the other, having opened the barn door, it isn’t going to be easy to put the horses back inside. Yes, Trump was probably the worst thing we’ve done in this past century but we’ve done equally bad stuff before. It’s just THIS time, with all the “improved” communications and social media, what might have been squelched in earlier time ran completely amok this time. You can’t keep anything squelched these days.

      Trust me when I tell you, we’ve had PLENTY of morons all over this country long before now, but they didn’t have the kind of power they’ve gained via all our technology, In so many ways we have handed over this country to the morons because of how we have interpreted our first amendment. We have also had very bad Supreme Courts before this. Remember the Dred Scott decision that was (at least partly) responsible for getting us into our unCivil War?

      The other thing is how BAD our educational system has become, how bad we have FORCED it to become. We don’t teach anything now. We give tests and we teach kids to take tests successfully. We don’t teach them to think or create — just memorize and spit out answers. It’s a nightmare and the idiots running around are part of the mess.

      I could go on and on and at some point, I will but I need to do a little more research first. There’s more I need to know before I open my mouth. Just know that we have been awful before — but we might not survive this time.

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      • Yes and one more thing I think about is all the history, literature, and art that will be lost or forgotten by the younger generations, as they aren’t taught it and it is no longer valued. There is no depth anymore..just news bits and “likes and shares”


  3. Sadly I think you are right Marilyn.


  4. Republicans could easily pivot to DeSantis right now, but not even Ron himself is doing so. But your answer has put on the lightbulb that Ron DeSantis is going along, figuring his best bet is holding on to Trump fanatics, gambling hope on Trump dying (if he doesn’t go down legally first) so he can then step in.

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    • I’m sure many of them will be relieved to have him gone. There’s also that cretin in Texas, whatsisname — another big winner for the whack-a-doodles.


      • I suppose it depends upon how autoimmune the majority of Republicans have become to democracy and living actual life, whether or not they would go for Greg Abbott. Anyway, I agree it won’t make at least most people feel better to know more. It would take a lot of interest, energy, and time to try and address corrections. And it really goes behind Trump.


  5. And if Trump dies or gets arrested, convicted, and jailed, who do you think the 2024 GOP presidential candidate will be? Right now it looks like Florida’s far-right, autocratic governor Ron DeSantis is the front runner. And he’s smarter and more politically savvy than Trump ever was, which possibly makes him even more dangerous to our nations future than Trump.

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    • Or whats-his-face, the Texas idiot. Gregg Abbott? They have more than an adequate supply of greedy lying pols who would happily step right into Trumps big floppy shoes. I think anyone who thinks “Trump” is the problem hasn’t take a long long at the whole party. I suspect many of them would be grateful if the Blubber-T was gone. More room for them.

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