We slipped away to visit friends in Kennebunkport, Maine. They don’t live there. They’re actually Californians who come annually to visit the rest of the family who live on this coast. I wasn’t sure we were going until the last minute. I didn’t feel well, but I knew Garry badly wanted to go and I had a feeling I was going to like these people. I was right. I did. They liked me, I like them, we had a great time — and who knows if there will be another time? We are aging and while we may feel better, we won’t be younger.

Not a poor neighborhood (it’s the Bush family compound)

We didn’t take as many pictures as I’d hoped. We actually talked! Conversation — LIVE conversations with LIVE people! Woo-hoo!! I also ate so much great fresh seafood I’m going to be in recovery for weeks. When you don’t eat like that usually, a degree of moderation would probably have made more sense, but there were shrimp and lobster and mussels and good clam chowder. It was so delicious.

Pelicans, cormorants and other shore birds watching for fish

It was great to get away, but also nice to come home to our bed, the Duke, the birds, the flowers. It didn’t rain there nor here. It was supposed to rain. It looked like rain, but then the clouds disappeared and no rain fell.

The heat broke, but the drought is ongoing.

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  1. MORE MAINE… Beautiful photos!


    • It was nice being there, even if it was just a couple of days. The heat broke, but unfortunately the drought has NOT broken. It’s so dry.

      We had a deer in the backyard this morning. We still have grass. Owen doesn’t cut it all summer and it sits over our septic tank, so it’s relatively green. At least he (she?) didn’t look thin. I supposed there’s enough grass and hedges to keep them fed for now, but since nothing much is growing, I don’t know how they’ll survive winter.

      Funny how they just show up in your yard then disappear into the hedges. Poof, gone! Vanished. How do they do that?


  2. Being in Fla., I get plenty of rain, but don’t envy me. We are heading into hurricane season and with climate change worsening, it gives me pause. New England is a beautiful area and I hate to hear of the drought there, as elsewhere. I was in that area some years back and loved the seafood. Quite different than Florida seafood. Hard to beat Maine lobster.


    • I probably would be a little less worried if we didn’t get our water from a well. If the groundwater dries up, no water at all. No access to “city water” and in any case, even our “city water” is drawn from wells — and ours is a lot cleaner.


  3. I too so much enjoy having ppl over again…. to have REAL discussions with REAL people! And that setting is absolutely gorgeous…. And now, some rain please! (We had a tiny bit uesterday/night) Just enough to wetten us when we viewed an open-air film last night. But it didn’t help much, it got just more difficult to breathe…


    • We get little tiny two to five minute shower that keep some of the vegetation from drying out, but not enough to feed the aquifer. It’s very worrying. Each day when I get up and I look outside and it’s bright and sunny and dry, I get just a little bit more worried.


  4. I’m glad you had a good time with friends. We need that dose of friendship once in a while.


  5. Rain, rain, please come back
    That other day has come today
    We don’t want to go out and play
    When it’s so dry the green turned brown!


  6. Sounds and looks like a wonderful trip, Marilyn!


    • It was fun. Kennebunkport is full rich people and lots of other people who want to pretend they are rich. I didn’t even take my wallet into town. I was afraid I might want to buy something. When I looked closely at the people on the boat to see what they were looking at, they were taking pictures of us while we were taking pictures of them 😀

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  7. Sounds like you had a great mini vacation.


    • We did. I probably should not have tried to consume all the shell fish in the north Atlantic in two days. It was just SO good, but I don’t feel very well. I suppose there can be too much of a good thing.

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      • We went out to lunch on Saturday and I ordered Mexican chicken skewers with rice and chocolate ice cream for dessert. The serves were enormous but it was really good. There were about four scoops of ice cream, twice what I’d normally eat but I ate all of it. You don’t leave ice cream. I paid for it later only just making it to the bathroom in time. Didn’t want anything else to eat till about 10pm.


  8. Kennebunkport is such a beautiful area — I’d love to visit there again! Glad you were able to get away –it’s always refreshing, especially to such a gorgeous place with good friends!


    • It was great, even though it was only a couple of days. It felt longer. The weather was perfect, but dry dry dry. The heat broke, but not the drought. The same thing happened up there as here. It got cloudy and dark and we were sure it was going to rain, but then it cleared. No rain. It looked like there were lilies in the woods, but they were orange, dead leaves. Very dry all over New England.

      At least it isn’t still as hot, but we really need rain. Our hosts are from LA, so they know about drought. I think they thought they’d come be here and get some relief from the drought. Not this year. Maybe next year. One way or the other, we had a great couple of days and boy, did we EAT well. Over all, a good time was had by all. And now, all we need is rain.

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