FOTD – August 14 – Wildflowers on the beaches of Maine

I have always loved flowers along the beaches. Just before the earth becomes sand, there are also asters and other golden wildflowers.

The Bush family compound with flowers

Photos: Garry Armstrong – You can see how many flowers were burned brown by heat and no rain. Aster and goldenrod are survivors

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10 replies

  1. Great photos! Nothing like a day at the beach… ❤ xo


  2. Glad you had a good time 😀


  3. 👌👌👌📷🤗


  4. HI Marilyn, it still looks pretty despite the dead flowers and dryness. This on-going drought in the Northern Hemisphere is really dreadful. It looks like you had a nice break.


    • The heat has broken, at least for a while, but the drought is ongoing. So with increasing worry, we all wait for rain. It’s bad here, but it’s just as bad if not worse out west. I think once you get down into Mexico, they still are getting rain. The US and Canada, not so much. And in the far west, they haven’t even gotten a break from the heat. It was great to get away. Now, if the rain gods are listening, please, SEND RAIN!

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  5. This certainly looks so amazing 🙂


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