FOTD – August 16 – Rose

Some roses are definitely rosier than others. Some are romantic, some are exciting, others smell like heaven. So when is a rose not a rose?

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  1. Lovely roses Marilyn. It’s the season to plant them here and I hope to get to the nursery to get some more. I still have my two potted ones. They have had a hard time for most of the six years I’ve had them. I hardly got any flowers last summer. But I’ve pruned them again, moved the pots to somewhere I hope the possums won’t get them and they are getting new leaves so fingers crossed I’ll get flowers this summer.
    I recently read a magazine article that said possums and wallabies like roses. We get both in the garden. I hoped they would have a solution to the problem. It said, plant peonies instead. I would love to have some peonies, they are very expensive to buy, but I still want roses so that’s not a solution for me.


  2. thems nice roses.
    i can catch the fragrance just looking at ’em.


  3. I’m missing your drawings


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