All photos: Garry Armstrong

I have often joked that when Garry and I go out with cameras, he stalks me. If I turn around, I am sure Garry and his camera will be there. The other night, Garry asked me if I minded him taking my picture and I said I don’t, though it can be startling to realize he’s right behind me, camera in hand. He explained that when I’m not at home and worried or working at something, I’m beautiful.

Beautiful? What 75-year-old woman could object to a husband of more than 32 years finding her beautiful? Not me!

He also takes the only pictures of me I’ve liked in many years. I don’t generally publish them because it seems immodest. But they are good pictures, so I thought I should post some. This batch is from June at River Bend.

I’m not an easy subject. Photographer’s don’t make great models. We like being at the other end of the camera. I’m glad he finds me beautiful. I never thought I was anything special. I guess that’s how couples connect. I think he’s rather handsome too.

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  1. They are great photos, and I love your hair!

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    • My hair went white while I was in the hospital. I thought that when it was said that someone’s hair went white overnight, it was an exaggeration, but it turned out to be true — and I’m not alone. I actually kind of like it. I wish there were a bit more of it — it’s pretty thin. But at least I still HAVE hair.

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    • Toonsarah, that’s what I’m talking about. That’s just a small part of Marilyn’s beauty.


  2. Beautiful, indeed! One is so old as one feels! Keep on having fun, and enjoy your also wonderful environment. Best wishes, Michael

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  3. what a beautiful relationship you have and beautiful pics to show for it

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  4. You both are and make a beautiful couple. I don’t want my photo taken but I live taking pics of ppl unaware. They make the best shots!
    You have a kind, lovely husband 💞

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  5. He not only takes beautiful photos but his subject is beautiful too. 💖

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  6. 👌👌👌📷🌹 Have You a beautiful day dear Marylin🌞🌼📷

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  7. Hi Marilyn, I think it is lovely that Garry says you are beautiful. You are beautiful. Older people can be very beautiful in my opinion. I think my mother is beautiful and I told her that just yesterday.

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