FOTD – August 20 – More from the flower boxes

It’s too dry to water, so all my waterng is of the same five flower boxes and pots on the deck. I want to believe that watering five plants is not going to finish off our water, but as the season rolls on, endlessly sunny, warm, and free of rain, I’m beginning to wonder.

I have a lot of respect for geraniums. In Israel, our deck — a huge deck nearly the length of the house faced south. It got full sun almost all day and few flowers could deal with that burning orb. Finally, the only flowers I could grow were geraniums and petunias. Both would deal with intense sun all day long — as long as I remembered to water them every day.

These were growing on the patio in Kennebunkport. It turns out there are many variations of geranium. I like growing the trailing ones because they hung over the edge of the deck and were beautiful from in and outside. I haven’t seen many of the trailing ones stateside, but maybe they are more popular in other locations.

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  1. There are some beautiful varieties of geraniums. We have some that were in the garden when we came. We’re talking about taking cuttings from some and maybe getting some other colours to put under the pergola as another good point about them is that apparently possums and wallabies don’t like eating them.


    • I don’t think any of our animals eat them. Or at least, not the whole plant. Maybe the flowers. I really loved the trailing ones and now they come in multi-colored patterns. AND they will withstand a LOT of hot sun which these days seems to be a critical issue with planting. If you don’t think there’s climate change, try being a gardener and figuring out what will grow. I never know if we’re going to have a year of swamp or a year of desert, super heat or damp chill. Last year it was like living in cold damp soup and this year? Sahara!

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      • Geraniums are always very popular in Mediterranean countries. They are very hardy. I have to admit that I get confused between geraniums and pelargoniums but as I understand it the former are perennials and hardier while the latter are usually treated as annuals. I think we have some of each kind but I haven’t really made a study of them so far.


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