CBWC: People Movers

This is one of the areas where I don’t have as many pictures as others. I’m not even sure why I don’t but there it is.

Get those kids to school!
One person at a time
Small sailing ships like this moved people and cargo between continents
The tourist sailboat in Kennebunkport
The old sailing ship was slower, but probably more comfortable
Not so big, but far more fun
And then, there’s the air force …
Black & White

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4 replies

  1. Oh what cool photos both of you have for us this week. 😀 😀


    • Thanks Cee. I felt I didn’t have much breadth. For reasons I can’t explain, I don’t take a lot of vehicle or transportation pictures. I tend to focus on landscape — unless I’m in an actual city. And I can’t remember the last time we were in a real city. We avoid them. Especially now with all the road construction in progress everywhere.


  2. Fantastic photo of the bi-plane! Great photos!🌺


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