FOTD – August 21 – Sunnyside Up!

We had nearly 10 minutes of rain today. I heard the thunder rolling and I thought “Rain maybe?” I have learned through the bitter experience of this long dry summer that all the symptoms of rain don’t necessarily mean rain will actually fall. But there was a second and a third roll of thunder and down came the rain. It wasn’t enough rain, but it was better than the nothing we’ve been getting.

There is a tropical storm down Texas way that might just show up to this region. If it doesn’t curve up into Canada or go straight out to sea before it reaches us. Still, it’s the best hope we’ve had in a long time.

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  1. Our gardens are crying for rain… A bit has come and we’re happy for that, but we need so much more.


  2. 👏👏👏📷🌻


  3. Lovely sunflowers Marilyn. I’m glad you got a bit of rain. I wish I could send you some. We’ve had rain about every other day this past month. Today is a wet one, raining when I woke up around 7:30 and still going at 10am with no sign of stopping anytime soon.


  4. We have had a very hot, humid summer — this weekend the high temps are in the low 80’s, the lowest it’s been for some time! No rain other than a few drops on the patio. So far, we’ve been fortunate that there haven’t been any major fires, but that’s still a possibility as the temps go up again later this week!


    • We got some rain yesterday and last night. Not a deluge, but better than a sprinkle. There is a big mass of wet weather down near the gulf of Mexico. Where it will go, no one is quite sure, but maybe a piece of it will head your way. The year is also changing. Around here, we start to see the leaves turning yellow. The dry summer starts to get wetter. The trees started yellowing in July this year, so I have a feeling we won’t have an autumn. The trees are wilted. Everyone I talk to says the same thing: no one can remember a summer this dry in their lifetime. This has been a very bad drought. I think — HOPE — it is beginning to break. That it rained yesterday afternoon and a bit more overnight is a good sign or ought to be.

      If you have access to Disney+, the National Geographic series “North America” is not only amazing photographic work, but they are really covering many parts of the country including quite a lot of material about California and how despite the huge spread of the city, wildlife still has managed to exist there. It made me feel a bit more hopeful. Not that I think we’ve solved any problems, but the resilience of the earth itself is encouraging. And it sure does beat out watching the news!


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