Share Your World – 24th of August

Pensitivity101 is continuing to fill in for (I hope) a recuperating Melanie. Get well, Melanie. We miss you!

It rained today. It’s not the end of the drought, but it was a big help. It was a whole day of slow, steady rain — the kind of rain that seeps into the earth. Maybe this is the beginning of an improvement. We’ve not done with hot weather, but at least the endless dry spell has taken a break.

I’m sticking with Melanie’s format and the gratitude section too so here are this week’s questions:

Do you have family photographs on display in your main living room?

Just one of our granddaughter.. Otherwise, they are paintings or photographic prints.

What was the best vehicle you owned?

I had a wonderful (used but in fabulous condition) Acura. Its previous owner was a police officer who took really great care of it. It even had heated leather seats. Garry went out in a snowstorm and wrapped it around a telephone pole. Bad news? Totaled the car. Good news? It didn’t total Garry. I’m pretty sure the car saved his life.

Did you pass your driving test first time?

No. That was because my husband (not Garry, the first one) was my teacher. After that, I got a real teacher and passed everything easily.

Does loud music from a neighbour or passing cars annoy you?

We don’t get much of that around here. It used to bother me, back when we lived in a more citified environment.

Gratitude:What has made you smile over the last seven days?

I was very happy about the rain, but that was it for smiles of the week, I fear.

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  1. “Family Photos”? None. Rose has piles.
    “Best Car”? 92′ Mitsubishi Dodge Colt. Some some unknown reason they got it right that year.
    “Pass 1st.Driving Test”? No. But I didn’t want to. I wasn’t confident yet.
    “Loud Music Annoying”? Always. It’s intrusive and inconsiderate.
    “Smile last 7 days”? Most any parent with their child. You and see and feel the Love.

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    • We used to have a lot more pictures We still have them, but they are spread around the house. Loud music is always annoying, but fortunately, we don’t have to listen to much of it around here.


  2. Thanks for joining in Marilyn. We’ve had some rain this week too, but it is hot and clammy today.

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  3. Glad to hear you have had rain 🙂 We had a little too – not enough to properly end our drought but it’s made a difference to our gardens and the local park.

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    • It’s raining again today! The birds are happy. Maybe the trees will stop looking like they are dying where they stand. This has been an evil summer. I’m afraid this is going to be the way things are until or IF we get some of our climate issues fixed.


  4. I’m glad to hear that you had a decent rain. Fingers crossed for a few more wet days.

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    • Today is day two and it’s still raining. Not heavy rains, but light, saturating rain. It won’t fill up the water table, but it will help. Maybe the trees will come back to life. They’ve been looking half dead.

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  5. Great news that you’ve finally had rain, Marilyn. I’ve been thinking of you and your animal friends a lot over the past weeks whilst we battle through the ongoing saga of our move, particularly as we’re in a drought too over here. We finally got some rain last week, so I’m hoping things may begin to calm down now. Grass is finally getting greener. 🙂

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    • This is the beginning of the season’s change, so we would normally start to get wetter weather around now. Summer tends to be dry here, but not like this and never ever this hot or hot for so long! It was so dry, the WEEDS were dying and I didn’t think you could kill the weeds. Half our trees have already turned yellow. I don’t know if this will salvage autumn. Probably not. Too hot, too dry, too long. Regardless, the ground water needs the rain. I’m finding looking out and seeing a nice gray rainy day such a joy! Funny how ones attitude changes, isn’t it?

      The birds look downright happy in the rain. Fluttering around and shaking those feathers!

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      • Oh bless them, it must have been a huge relief for your feathered friends to bask in some rain for once. I’ve noticed quite a few of our trees have started turning early as well, and it’s strange, and sobering, to see it happening in summer. Still, I hope your autumn will redress the balance of the past few months for you, and in the meantime – enjoy the rain! 🙂

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  6. Rain at last! Yay.

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  7. HI Marilyn, I am so pleased to hear it has rained. I hope you get more and the drought ends for you. A good car can definitely save your life. Thank goodness you had that car when Garry had his accident.

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    • I was glad he came out of that accident alive. It was really bad. You know you tell him — the husband — DON’T go out there now. They haven’t plowed yet and it’s dangerous. He hadn’t gone 100 yards before he spun, rolled over, and tried to climb a pole. He had a bad concussion and two very black eyes. The car was beyond repair, but at least Garry was okay. If he had been in HIS car, he wouldn’t have made it. We live on a really dangerous turn of the road. It looks pretty in photographs, but we have more fatal accident right here than anywhere else in the entire state. Worse, the banking is bad. It’s not even a safe turn without snow.

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