Fandango’s Provocative Question #179

What a great opportunity to show off the pictures from Kennebunkport and Northfield — our last two vacations.

First, the question:

Have you been on a vacation/holiday in the past three months? If so, did you take any precautions against contracting COVID? If you haven’t been on a vacation/holiday in the most recent three months, when was your last vacation/holiday?

We spent most of a week in Northfield, Minnesota in May. We were very careful in the airport and on the airplane, but otherwise, we masked up only as required. In Kennebunkport, we didn’t bother. We are so very vaccinated and so were the people we were visiting. Kennebunkport is also a location where everyone was careful.

We are as vaccinated as we can be. We haven’t caught COVID. Yet.

I suppose we could, but we are rarely in crowded places and have little contact with people who might be sick. Also, this is a sparsely populated area, so there aren’t many places packed with strangers. And we aren’t party goers.

We have no future vacation plans, but things could pop up as they have done the last two times we were away.

I believe (without any scientific evidence) we have gotten through the worst of COVID. I suspect COVID is fading into another variation on a theme of flu. Flu can be dangerous, but we get annual flu shots and run away from anyone we suspect is sick. So far, we’ve managed to not get a serious cold during the past five years. I am willing to bet that they are already well along in creating a single shot for flu and COVID with a super duper version for anyone over 60 or with medical complications.

We’ve been very careful about avoiding sick people from long before COVID. We don’t get close to anyone who looks like they might have something we could catch, even when they said “Oh, it’s only an allergy.” I’ve frequently caught those allergies. Those same people who have “just allergies” are the same people who avoid the doctor and wouldn’t know what they had unless it came with a name tag.

We will always continue to avoid people who might be contagious. Lucky for us, other people avoid us if they think they might be contagious. COVID taught most sensible people to be careful about transmitting germs, especially when they are in contact with old folks or anyone with medical problems. Some people haven’t learned anything. I don’t expect that group will ever learn anything. They are opposed to learning and thus will continue to pose a danger everyone else.

They don’t care.

Another plague could show up as suddenly as COVID. If that happens, I guess we’ll deal with it. Maybe we’ll deal with it better than COVID — but somehow, I doubt it.

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  1. Beautiful photos, Marilyn.


  2. My last (short-lived) vacation/holiday was over a year ago, at the end of June 2021. Phew! I need a break!


    • Our two “breaks” were short. Five days in Northfield, 3 in Kennebunkport — and all were visiting family or friends. Nothing fancy, but at least they WERE breaks. We also spent a couple of days with friends in Connecticut — I think that was in early May, before we went to Northfield.

      It has been so awfully hot, we don’t even get out to take pictures. We got a week off and two days of rain (oh thank you rain gods!), but the heat is back. I was outside for about half an hour and I felt baked by the time I came in. It is HOT out there.


  3. I agree with your assessment of the current situation re Covid. We’re pretty much living as we did now, only wearing a mask where needed (medical settings). But I am more cautious than I used to be if I see someone who appears to be coughing and sneezing a lot! I have had Covid but thanks to the vaccinations it wasn’t serious, more like a cold/cough than anything else.


    • This is pretty much the way the last COVID epidemic — 1918-1921 — slipped away. It became the flu. It’s ALL COVID. Same viral family — and that includes most of the colds we used to get in the winter. I’m sure this won’t be the last time, either. Viral outbreaks have happened before all over the world as long as we have memories of those days. For now, though, I think the worst is over. It’s not killing people like it did in the beginning.

      We should ALL be more careful. I remember how we used to be afraid to take off a couple of days at work because you’d lose your job — and the result was the EVERYONE got sick. At least — for now — bosses aren’t doing that. Companies can’t afford to have everyone get sick because it turns out workers aren’t so easily replaced.


  4. Getting vaccinated and taking precautions is what we can do.


  5. We have managed to avoid getting it too (touch wood). Social distancing helps a lot. Kennebunkport looks very pleasant. It’s always nice to get away for a break.


    • Even those few days were great. It felt longer than a few days, too. We needed it. It also came right in the middle of the cool-down, so it was comfortable being outside. Today the heat is back. It’s HOT. You touch the glass door in the kitchen and the whole door is hot!

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  6. Somehow we have managed to avoid contracting COVID even though our daughter and her fiancé did get it. We’re still taking precautions and likely will be for the rest of our lives.


    • We were already being very careful, especially me because I’ve got enough physical issues to make even a bad cold dangerous, but now everyone is being a lot more careful. And bosses aren’t bullying sick people to come into work anyway because it turns out, you can’t replace people so easily. They used to make you feel if you needed more than one day off, that you were cheating the company, so we’d come to work anyway and then EVERYONE would get sick.

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