As airlines make traveling by air increasingly miserable, unfriendly, and physically uncomfortable, those of us who yearn to travel but abhor airports and airplanes have been waiting for teleportation. You know. “Scotty, beam me up” and off you go to another place. It might be someplace on Earth, but it also might be an outer planet in another galaxy. It might be … well … the cool bar in Star Trek, Second Generation! Who the knows? Who cares? As long as we don’t have to go via Delta, I’m in.

I foresee a limit on luggage, but I’m sure I could work with that. They are making gigantic strides in travel clothing every day!

We need to keep a Democrat in office because I can’t imagine Republicans letting ALIENS beam into the land of the free and the home of the cringing, whining, terrified white people who vote for them. If you think brown, red, yellow, or beige people whose native language isn’t English are out to get you, what will you do with a creature who has tentacles and loves drinking grout cleaner?

What a bunch of dumbasses they are. We could own the universe, but instead, they want us locked up behind walls lest we feel potentially threatened by people who are different than us. And mind you, there is really not a bit of difference between us and the other colors and styles of people. We are all exactly the same.

You know that, right? Nor does not speaking English matter. Mr. Nobel was Swedish. He didn’t speak American. Einstein was an immigrant. Anyway, we are all from Africa because that’s where humanity began. Check it out.

Get those transporter beams revved up. I’m ready! Let’s open up the world while I’m can still enjoy it. We can take our trikes and electric bikes with us, but I’m betting they have moving sidewalks on Betelgeuse.

Let’s transform our cellular material and go with the flow. You ready? I’m definitely ready!

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  1. Those willing to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous air travel and visit other countries will discover we are all alike.


  2. I’m with you all the way! Ever since I watched the first Star Trek series as a child I wanted to be able to beam down to the surface of a strange planet and explore. But today I’d opt to join you in that coll Next Generation bar, especially if Captain Picard was around 😉 On a more serious note. I agree with all your observations about colour and prejudice too.


    • After our last trip via Delta, I’ve concluded that only masochists travel by commercial airlines. No normal person would subject themselves to being treated that badly for fun. If your life and/or business don’t depend on it? Not worth it!

      Race and ethnic bigotry are stupid. Back in Elizabethan England when the first Black people entered England — Moors from Spain — they were thought to be important BECAUSE they were different and unique. People valued differences and diversity — not for any political reason, but because people who are different can be more interesting and fun. I’ve always enjoyed being with people who come from other places and I’ve learned so much by talking to them. Clothing, holidays, foods, parties. How they spend their holidays and why they came here. They have fascinating (and sometimes terrifying) backstories. I can’t even imagine how they survived and managed to build a new life after all the horrors they went through.

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  3. Brilliant! Beam me up! I giggled reading. Yet, the truth you shared is terrifying to think. I’ll never understand white supremacy.


  4. Luggage wouldn’t be a problem. We’d just replicate what we needed when we got there.


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