CFFC: Man-made items

An old doll, old toys, a Robot that almost walks (but mostly falls down). An old Rose Famille plate and an Air Force carrier transport jet. A remade version of the original Teddy Bear. All part of our “very interesting house” collection.

Categories: #Airplanes and flying, #CFFC, #Photography, Cee's Photo Challenge

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7 replies

  1. i want that robot.
    my 10 bucks is in the mail.


    • He’s very cool — and he is one of the originals, I think from the early 1960s. BUT they are making a new version of him from the same mold — for a LOT less than I paid.


      • I always wanted one of those when I was a kid. Never got one.
        I suppose the collectors originals are pretty rare and costly now.
        I’m gonna buy one of those new ones from Wallmart. Surprise for Rose.


  2. I really like the plate. You’ve got some great photos and items in your house 😀


  3. You haven’t got the jets at home too have you?


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