FOTD – September 1 – Begonia

I wasn’t going to do this one today, but when I saw BEGONIA, well, who could resist? I have one delicious beautiful yellow begonia that looks like huge yellow roses. I feel happier every time I go outside and it shines at me. I also decided to include begonias from previous summers.

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  1. There are more begonias here than I see in a year and that’s when I’m looking for them. Beautiful 😀


    • Thank you. I’ve had some great years with begonias and an equal number of not-great years. So much depends on where you buy them and whether or not they are healthy. Also, there was sunshine pretty much every day so this year (unlike last year when it never stopped raining), there was more than enough sunshine to go around.

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  2. Beautiful, Marilyn. I love yellow roses.


    • They are begonias, but they look like huge roses. I’ve had lots of begonias, but those yellow ones are the most beautiful I’ve ever had. They are gorgeous. They don’t have much scent, but the colors are amazing and they bloom all summer as long as they get enough light. Considering the lack of rain, getting enough sun hasn’t been a problem this year.


  3. Begonia..brings smile on my face especially the yellow ones..


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