Last on the card – August 2022

Well. For once I had a “last” on all three cameras I’m currently using.

Taken on August 30th on the Olympus OMD-EM1 Mark 2

This first one is one of the rare ones that comes out exactly the way you want it and wouldn’t have required much editing except maybe cropping a bit on the left. One of the interesting things I notice was that this was taken at ASA 2500 — a very high rate and that’s why it’s so grainy. Long lens used in relatively low light seem to need denoising more often then sharpening. They’re sharp enough, but they practically buzz with noise.

Dinner! A nearly perfect frittata. Taken on the Olympus OMD (original) using what would normally be my macro lens

The frittata picture was taken after I realized I had just taken a bunch of pictures — but forgotten to put a card in the camera. I think that’s the first time I’ve done that in years.

Taken a few days ago on the Olympus Pen-F

My fingers were itching to crop this one. Also, I took three shots of the light and the first one was the best of the three, but this was the last on on the card. It was about six in the morning and the light floods in on that east-facing side of the house. It probably doesn’t need much except a bit of straightening and some cropping all around. I love that early morning light. Doesn’t that new window look great?

Please note that I love the light but took three pictures, and went back to bed for another few hours of sleep. I didn’t love it enough to stay up.

And that’s it for August. I’d been looking for those few pictures and couldn’t find them. That was because I didn’t look on the correct camera. Oops.

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  1. 👌👌👌📷✍ 🌹Each photo is from a different photography category. I love the versatility (and food😁 ).


    • Frittata has become our bi-weekly excursion away from meat. It used to be more fish, but the price of fish has gone really high — not so much inflation as limited supply since the fleets are all disbanded and the amount any fishing boat can take from George’s Bank is limited and patrolled by the Coast Guard. I don’t want to eat meat every night. I think “the boys” would happily eat it every night, but I need a break. These are so easy to make. I’ll have to write up the recipe we’ve created. We started with a basic recipe and ingredient by ingredient, we improved it, at least to our taste buds. It’s also an inexpensive meal — BIG plus.

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  2. I do like the last one, it reminds me of one of the pages in the I Spy books, the more you look the more things you see


  3. I love the diversity of all three Marilyn. The Woodpecker? is so good, the frittata makes me want a midnight snack and yes the window is a great addition.
    Thanks for joining in 🙂 🙂


    • Thank you. It was the first time I actually had pictures from all three of the cameras I use. I have fun with these. I think this challenge has pushed me to be more careful so photos need less processing. Now, if ONLY my hands wouldn’t shake!

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