CMMC – August 5th Week – Fruit

This is a very fruitful post!

Grapefruit and an orange. The orange is bigger
Banana bread, but once it was bananas
Bags of clementines

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  1. I love banana bread so that one looks delicious. The apples are starting to come in which is always a good time. Macouns – I love Macouns. Have a good day, Marilyn.


  2. That is one big orange. I love the banana bread too. Wonderful entry Marilyn 😀


  3. Loving all the fruit! Yummy! ❤


    • I love this time of year. It’s the only time we get REALLY fresh fruit. In the winter, we get whatever is leftover from Florida or California. I’m betting it won’t be much of a crop from California this year, what with the water shortage.


  4. Lot of citrus there, we have mandarins in the fruit bowl but I didn’t photograph them.


    • We don’t grow citrus here. Wrong climate. We do grow LOTS AND LOTS of apples and all different kinds. We have orchards everywhere.


      • People have backyard lemon trees here, even we have one although it’s not in good shape. Commercial orange orchards grow better on the mainland. South Australia had quite a few along the Murray. Tasmania is more known for apples especially in the Huon Valley even though there are far fewer orchards now than even twenty years ago.


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