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  1. These are interesting signs. I especially like the one that charges rude people $100


  2. These are all great signs. Thanks for playing along 😀


  3. cool signs marilyn! ❤


  4. The first sign you took in Ireland, right? I remember seeing Gaelic signs in Scotland but they also had the same in English. I think they did in Wales too. Sadly, I’ve never been to Ireland.
    I like the barber shop too, rude people $100.


    • All the signs were in English or Irish/English — but these, literally in the middle of a moor — were all in Irish. The maps were all English. That’s probably why there were so many holes in it. Garry said those were rifle shots.

      Our friendly barber closed during Covid and there’s someone else there now. Owen has a clippers and does Garry’s hair and I do my own. It’s long enough so I can grab it and pull it around the front to trim the ends. We had a lot of beauty salons and barbers. Now? One barber, one salon. Oh well.

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      • We have several hairdressers in Wynyard who always seem to be busy. I’ve learned to book my next appointment when I’m there otherwise it’s months between visits. During Covid and at other times that I can’t get away from home I trim my fringe myself. My hair is thick though so it really needs to be professionally thinned every now and then.


        • My hair was thick, but not now. Too many surgeries. It used to fall out after each surgery and grow back. This time, it didn’t grow back. It’s not terrible and at least I have hair, but it’s not like it was.

          Long has become the easiest way to maintain it. It needs almost no maintenance and for just trimming the ends, I can do that. I tie it up or braid it to keep it out of the food and never have a bad hair day. I wore it short for a long time until one day, I just stopped cutting it. At one time, it was below my hips but I had to wear it braided ALL the time. I settled for a bit below shoulder length.

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