It’s really raining. I has been raining very steadily since yesterday morning and it’s raining even harder now. Not much wind, but I guess all that water in the dying tree back behind the deck has made the branches heavier than when dry because a big limb just broke off and took down a bird feeder and the metal arm that held it.

Just as well I didn’t fill that feeder this morning. It was so sodden, I figured I’d wait until it was raining less enthusiastically. Now, there is no feeder to fill. I hope the rest of the trees stays upright. It’s beginning to make me nervous.

Baby Cardinal full of pinfeathers

That was the doves favorite place to hang out. Where will they go now?

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  1. I hope that the rest of the tree remain unharmed.


  2. That was unlucky but at least it didn’t cause any major damage.


    • The birds are not happy. But the new flat feeder will be here tomorrow. More worrisome is finding someone to cut down that tree. Winter is coming.

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      • Do you think the whole tree is dead or dying then?


        • Oh, it’s dead. It got some kind of boring insect in it. The woodpeckers tried to get all the bugs, but mostly, they left a lot of holes in. It has no leaves and I think it’s just plain dead.


          • It will have to go then before it falls on your deck. We had one like that at the bottom of our garden. Neighbours complained about branches falling in their garden. We had to wait till we could afford to get rid of it. I think it cost us about $200 dollars, might have been more. I can’t remember although I probably have the bill somewhere.


            • The problem with this tree is that it isn’t near a road AND it is right adjacent to our septic system. So they can’t bring a truck in because it would crush our septic system. It is going to fall. The question is, which way? Into the woods? NO problem. On our deck? Very expensive problem. We’ve been looking for someone willing to take on the tree without a truck — and that is difficult. The tree is seriously dead. I keep wondering if we give it a push toward the woods, maybe it’ll just fall down.

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  3. Oh wow! I’m sorry the tree limb fell and took out one of your bird feeders. Stay safe! ❤


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