They come here for the winter and breed, then fly up to Canada where, I’m assured, they breed again. Now, they are back. They have been coming back, a few birds at a time, for several weeks, but today, they were everywhere.

It might be the drought, but this year, they are eating the flowers — in particular, the leaves. Apparently they are especially fond of salad and are one of the few birds who don’t eat any insects — just seeds, fruit, thistle, and leaves. This is the first time they have gotten serious about eating flowers. I’m betting it’s because of the drought. They like green leaves and not much is green now, other than trees.

The speckled brown bird at the bottom of the feeder is a Chipper Sparrow. Goldfinch get along well with all finches and most small birds. They avoid the pushy bigger birds, like doves or Blue Jays.

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  1. What a cheerful gallery this gray Monday morning.


    • Gray, but RAINING. Not as hard as I hoped, but definitely rain. The whole world feels cooler! I think maybe finally the drought is ending for real. And there is no bird more cheery than Goldfinch. Okay, maybe Cardinals and Bluebirds, too 🌧️

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  2. What spectacular birds and captures! I admire Goldfinches!


  3. Lovely post, Marilyn… I see the goldfinches have a colour matched feeder!


  4. Looks like a goldfinch condo.

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  5. Hi Marilyn, you have answered my question in this post. Thank you.


    • Well, you asked and I realized I ought to know the answer, so I looked it up. While they don’t specifically love any particular flower, they love all fresh greenery and we have the only fresh greenery they could find. It’s not a lot — just five pots — but it’s definitely GREEN.


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