When you’ve had a lot of health problems and you have to make your annual pilgrimage to the cardiologist, you want to hear only good things. I was lucky because basically, I heard nothing.

No news is good news. Everything is working properly. My blood pressure is pretty much where it needs to be. My pacemaker works, so my heart beats neatly and right on time. This is good because without the pacemaker, my heart won’t beat. At all. I don’t suffer from rhythm issues. In simplest terms, without a pacemaker, my heart stops.

I mentioned to my cardiologist that my chest hasn’t healed. So Dr. Gentile said: “You know when you can expect your chest to heal?”

“Never?” I suggested.

“You got it,” he said.

Bones are not the problem. It’s cartilage. Your chest moves so you can breathe and therefore, the bones in your chest are connected by cartilage. My cartilage never grew back. So the chest bones crunch. They go out of alignment and I have to push them back in place.

The torn ligaments in my knee never never grew back either, so I have had a ruptured anterior crucis ligament for the past 55 years. I never got it repaired because that repair fails as often as not AND it takes a long time to heal. So I’ve got a wonky left knee and a crunchy chest which will stay crunchy.

And that’s it until next year. I didn’t expect to hear anything much and that is exactly what I heard. Not much. There’s nothing wrong with me that wasn’t wrong before.

I think I’ll make shrimp tomorrow. Maybe I’ll take it out to defrost tonight. Shrimp scampi anyone?

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  1. As you said, no news is good news! Those annual checkups are so important, though, and they do catch things when there’s something to catch. I also have a no news story this week (foretold by a blood test that looks good). AND the heat has broken somewhat — It was raining when I went to bed last night, and the morning temp is 1- degrees cooler than it has been for weeks!


    • Sometimes you want news because something is going on and you want to know what it is, but my heart surgery was 8 years ago, so any news isn’t good news — except that my cholesterol has finally dropped to almost normal. Hence shrimp for dinner. Not getting “news” was good. I felt like a survivor. As long as the battery works, I’m good.

      You non news is also great to not hear.

      I’m in as good a place (medically speaking) as I’ve been for more than 20 years. I wish I was younger, but hey, I’ll take what I can get.


  2. This is good news, Marilyn. My mom also has annual checkups. Hers are with the oncologist. No news is definitely good news.


    • My oncologist set me free two years ago. I passed 10 years without any new problems and I don’t have to go unless something new happens. 12 years since the surgery! But the cardiologist will be annual forever because of the pacemaker and the replacement valves.


  3. No news is indeed good news in this instance – good to hear! Enjoy your shrimp, you’ve earned them 🙂


  4. I would love shrimp scampi, Marilyn! But I don’t have the teeth to chew it. And according to the thermometer here in my assisted living home I’ve been dead long enough for my core temp to fall to 91.3! Not sure why it only does that for me, but since I got here I have been a zombie!

    Glad nothing has changed for you. It sounds like you are dealing with a heavy load and doing a remarkable job of living!


    • I don’t have many remaining teeth. I need bridges — two of them. But I work around them.

      Body temperature in people our age is significantly lower than it is for the young. Mine was ALWAYS low. These days it runs at around 94.5, give or take a degree or two. We are considered to be feverish if we hit higher than 97. They announced that sometime during COVID that if you are older than 70, fever is “hotter than normal for YOUR body.” Someone finally noticed we run cool.


  5. Alive is good! Beats the alternative (I think, anyway). And yes, please, I would LOVE some shrimp scampi!


  6. No news is good news!

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