CFFC: Walk 50 steps or less and take a new photo(s)

It’s just about 15 steps from the loveseat in the living room to where I keep my “bird” camera in the dining room. We do everything except eat in the dining room. It’s where I grow my orchids and cacti, where Garry edits film, where I have my lights set up. It’s also where I keep two cameras, one with a long lens for birds and the other with a macro lens for flowers. We’ve had lots of baby birds recently and I think they were the last of the season.

Young dove showing white pinfeathers

I keep my Pen F in the living room because it is the camera that travels with me. I keep it in a holster, ready to go.

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain falling in the woods. It was a peaceful sound. More rain coming and I think, finally, the drought has ended.

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  1. So beautiful captures & words are always inspiring! 💖🤗


  2. These are all stunning. I wish you would put your name in a smaller, lighter, less invasive font, though. I understand wanting to maintain copyright, but it detracts so from the incredible photos. I’d like to enjoy the photo and afterwards search for who accomplished it… Hope you don’t mind this bit of advice. I wouldn’t have given it if I didn’t enjoy your photos so. ;o)


    • If it’s too small, it’s invisible. If it’s too big, it’s intrusive. I keep trying different fonts and I’m just about ready to give up. A signature is probably the ONLY thing you do which definitely says “Hey, this is my picture. Not that it makes much difference because they just slice the name off anyway. Maybe I should give up. It would make my pictures smaller and I would spend less time trying to find a place to put a signature that doesn’t interfere with the picture. Also, the “new” photoshop doesn’t use the font I specify. It decides how big it ought to be which is very annoying and I often don’t realize the font is suddenly huge until after I’ve saved it when I’m just too weary to start over. Maybe I should just go with initials. That would be easier and it would fit better. My name is too long anyway.

      Glad you like the pictures.

      I had a flicker (a different type of woodpecker) land on me while I was putting out food this morning. He was VERY startled and I laughed. By the time I put out food, around lunchtime (so they don’t eat all of it before lunch!), they are hungry. I have to come in and out of the house three or four times to bring out the suet and the various seeds for the three other feeders, so each time I go back inside, they figure “OK! Time to chow down!” And then I reappear. Oops.


      • Ok, I’ll blame Photoshop, not you!!!


        • They think they should “size” the script to reflect what they think is the right size for the picture, so I enter “36” in the point size box, and when you next look, you think, “Gee, that looks kind of big,” and it turns out to be 56 points. I really don’t like automation especially when it overrides your decision. Hey, it’s my picture. I don’t CARE if Adobe thinks the text isn’t big enough. They can remind me instead of overriding me. THAT would be better.


          • I can’t believe they seize control like that.


            • They do. Other applications are equally bad. The trend towards over-automation is ongoing. I wouldn’t use Adobe if I could find something that did the job as well as Photoshop.

              I processed a bunch of photos today and had to change the font back to the size I wanted for EACH photograph. It didn’t matter what I specified. It is VERY annoying. Sometimes, I actually have to redo a picture because I didn’t check and they upsized the font until it’s unacceptably huge and ugly. I don’t understand WHY they do it. I can’t be the only one who finds their automation a problem rather than a help. They have tons of automated help available. The only semi-automated tool I use is “batch rename” for groups of photographs. I don’t use any of their other automations.

              I have to assume that there are people who process hundreds of pictures the same way and want automation, but I’ve never actually met anyone who didn’t find it annoying. I have not bothered to learn HOW to use it either. I won’t use it, so why waste my time?


  3. Terrific bird close ups for this week. Thanks Marilyn 😀


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