FOTD – September 16 – Brush at Ironstone Farm

Maybe it was because of the long drought. I’d like to think it was intentional, leaving sunflowers and other garden flowers mixed in along the edges of the fields. I have seen just two butterflies here in a year, but they were all over the place along the road by the farm. Flying down into the mass of flowers and what’s left of the sunflowers — huge seeds. The birds were happy and I saw butterflies in every color — as much as I could in that very bright light. It was beautiful.

I didn’t get any pictures of the butterflies. First, because they dodged in and out of the flowers and bushes and weeds. But also, it was such a bright day that I simply couldn’t see well enough to focus in on a shot. The good part of shooting in all that brightness is that the pictures didn’t need anything except a bit of cropping. No processing required. The bad thing is that it’s hard to see with the reflections in the screen and even in ones eyeglasses and the lens itself. I usually can’t be sure if the picture came out until I get home and download it.

It’s easier to take pictures on a slightly overcast day, but today was as close to perfect as a day in New England ever is. Cool, dry, slightly breezy with a cloudless blue sky. I could live in this climate all year round.

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  1. Beautiful post Marilyn 😀


    • Thanks Cee. It was really lovely. I wish I could have seen better, but it was blindingly bright. Unless I was doing a closeup, I had to hope it would come out. Most of the pictures came out very well and none were blurry, but I wasn’t able to get any butterflies in the picture. You’ll just have to trust me that they really WERE there 🦋

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  2. Thanks for explaining — I was looking at photos trying to find butterflies. I think I found a bee, but that was about all — then I scrolled down a little and read the explanation! I seldom really know what I have saved in a photo until it’s on the computer, partly due to the reasons you mention, and partly due to the size of the screen on the camera! I often find details that might have made a photo in itself!


    • I hoped I had accidentally caught a few, but I couldn’t find any either. They flew by and dropped down into the brush and the flowers making them invisible. Just seeing them was a real treat. I wondered if there were any more butterflies. The farmers around here are really good about leaving the brush wild around fields and planting flowers and letting them go wild.


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