FOTD – September 17 – Columbine, Cactus, Cosmos, Crocus and Chrysanthemum

All the “C” flowers I could think of and for which I had photographs!

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  1. I envy you your crocus. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one other than in photos…What is it about the letter C and flower names? I scored with it as well.


    • I don’t know, but I’m frankly at a loss for D (not a delphinium in sight) and E, F, G (grass?) … But C was definitely the big bang for flowers!

      I think crocus is a cold weather plant. They are the first flower to pop out of the wintry earth, sometimes as early as late January, but by mid February, you might have to push the snow aside, but there they are. That’s why they are always in the middle of a messy garden. It’s too early to have done even a minimal spring clean up. The good thing is that they remind you that spring WILL come. Eventually.


      • I worked on finding mine for nine hours yesterday and then have continued off and on. I have at least one for each letter but Forgottenman keeps finding more! The most I’ve found for one letter is 7.


        • Well, I’m pretty sure I’ll survive D because I have some daisies somewhere. But I’m tired and it’s late. I just spent some time doing some serious cropping on photographs until I could finally see that yes, those birds ARE quail — Northern Bobwhites. But that’s it for me. I’m pooped.


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