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  1. Gooduns Guys


  2. Getting ready for winter I see 😀 😀


    • From this point on, it shows up really FAST. We go from cooking and A/C to shivering and two sweaters in a matter of weeks. Winter tends to drag on through what other places call spring. We don’t really get much of a spring in the northeast. Our reward for surviving winter is fall which on a good year (and I really hope this will be one of them) can last a long as six weeks. But after that, we have “late fall/early winter” with a lot of nasty, raw weather that can turn bitterly cold and blizzardy as early as November and snow has been known to start by mid October. You really have no way of knowing. Weather here has ALWAYS been erratic. Climate change has simply made it much worse — and MUCH dryer.

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  3. The snow looks great. It is still hot down here in Florida.


    • It has cooled off (mostly). We are getting a lot of humidity, but it’s pretty cold at night. The leaves are beginning to turn in a few places. All the rain we didn’t get in the summer is showing up. Which doesn’t surprise me. We tend to get a lot of whatever we are getting. A lot of dry, a lot of rain, a lot of snow. The northeast just gets a LOT of whatever there is to get.

      I have no idea what will happen with winter. Winters have not been as cold or snowy in recent years.


  4. Thanks for the reminder of what will be here far too soon… 😉


  5. Brrr. Been a long time since i’ve seen snow like that.


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