Not only do I think this is the most adorable squirrel I’ve ever seen, but he (she?) is probably the tiniest. He must be a baby because he wasn’t even as big as a chipmunk and they are pretty small. His colors are unique. Clearly a red squirrel — the white ring around his eye is a giveaway as his the white tummy and the tight curl of his tail, but he has an almost charcoal grey head. And a black stripe in his tail. I’ve never seen a squirrel that looks quite like this little fellow. He’s definitely an original!

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  1. What a gorgeous baby. I do envy you squirrels although possums are pretty cute too.


  2. Nothing cuter than the side view of a baby squirrel. The dogs keep them out of our back yard and the cats out of the front yard, but I can peer over my back wall and see them down below in the spare lot…I’ve never seen a baby one here, though.


  3. Oh, what an adorable little poppet! He/she really is the cutest of them all! And so photogenic – well done! 🙂


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