FOTD – September 20 – Fuchsia

Of all the flowers I have grown in the summer, my favorites were fuchsia. I loved the colors, the drape of the long, graceful flowers. A few years ago, right before COVID showed up, the man from whom I had always bought my glorious fuchsias passed away. Since then, no one has offered high quality fuchsias. Most of the nurseries seem to have closed. Not enough business and of course the two years of lockdown didn’t help either. At least I took pictures.

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  1. I love fuchsias also. Years ago, there were many varieties available in my area, this year not so much. I can hope for next year, or perhaps, find a few through mail order. Your photographs are stunning.


  2. I also love fuschias and have had a variety growing here this last summer. Once the garden has moved all the things needing to be moved to the allotment l have plans to have bushes of them once more like l did from my last garden. Cracking shots.


    • Thank you! I wish I could get new ones but no one seems to be growing them. the few I see don’t look healthy. If they don’t have a lot of new growth when you buy them, you just know they’ll stop flowering before summer is half finished.

      I didn’t know they grow as bushes. Now that I think of it, they must grow as bushes. They only trail if we hang them in the air. I hope someone starts to grow better ones soon. I miss them!

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      • How strange and sad that no one has picked up the baton to start growing them again. They are such a beautiful flower.

        I hope that with a new spring coming someone local to you does so. Do you any of your WP friends have some from further afield maybe? They could save some of their seeds from this current season and mail them to you?


  3. Your fuchsias are gorgeous Marilyn ;D 😀


  4. Fuschia are like tiny ballerinas… they always make me smile…


  5. You out-fuchsia’d me this time, Marilyn!!!

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  6. Those are lovely fuschias!

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    • They were. Now, I can’t even find a place to buy them. The few that are for sale are spindly and don’t look healthy — AND they are expensive. So we’ve moved on to petunias, lantana, and begonias in the summer — and in the fall, chrysanthemums. Something finally came and ate the hydrangeas. I’m guessing deer. There haven’t been a lot of fresh plants for them to eat this summer. What survived the drought are mostly weeds they can’t eat. It’s going to be a very rough winter for the deer.

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