When I lived in Israel, finding flowers that could withstand the sun for many hours a day was not easy. It turned out the two flowers veranda gardeners could count on were petunias and geraniums. Especially geraniums. If you water them when they get dry — which during an Israeli summer is often twice a day — they will bloom like mad from April until the first rains arrive, typically October. In a bad “rain” year, November or even December.


I never had a huge amount of respect for geraniums until they were the only flower I could grow in those long, dry, hot summers. They rose enormously in my estimation when they turned out to be hardier than most cactus.

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  1. I recall my mother and grandmother planting these on graves on Decoration Day, aka Memorial Day, because they seemed to need little care and they did not have to go out there often to water them. I always associate geraniums with my grandmother because we always stopped to buy some on May 30th.


  2. The red and white ones are so cool. Thanks Marilyn 😀


    • Thanks Cee. I KNEW something was missing and then I realized my FOTD post hadn’t posted because I was waiting for YOUR post, but I went to be early and it wasn’t out yet … The red ones were on the porch in Kennebunkport, Maine. They were really RED!

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