Summer lasted pretty much all summer. That is to say, it was warm and sunny most days with a few summer storms thrown in for good measure. We usually saw temperatures in the 80s with our share of the 90s mixed in. I don’t mind the low to mid-80s, but the low to mid-90s is too much. I used to love it, but now, not so much. My electric bill does not love it either. Since I work from home three days a week and have been hiding out at home most of the time since the pandemic, I use a lot more electricity than before. On the other hand, I put less gas in the car.

Autumn leaves have not yet arrived

Living in an old frame house that is more than 100 years old, means the insulation is poor and the air conditioner gets a workout on most days. That is over now because we are ushering in instant autumn.

It is as if someone flipped a switch right on schedule and the first day of autumn is actually the first day of autumn. Mother Nature is usually not so accommodating. Even though her comings and goings are clearly marked on the calendar, she rarely cooperates. This time, however, things are going according to plan. We had 80-degree temperatures on Wednesday and Voila! It is the mid-60s for a high on the first day of autumn with no more 80s in sight.

Everything is still green. If you look out the window, you may think it is summer. Those who did not check the temperature may walk outside in short sleeves and quickly retreat to find a jacket. Of course with the shorter days and cooler temperatures, Autumn Leaves will soon start to fall.

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  1. We got that switch last week and this week, we’ve had tropical rains (Fiona hit!) and it gets pretty chilly at night. Now that we’ve stopped worrying about summer heat and A/C, we can switch our worries to fuel bills, clearing the snow, and surviving until spring. I’m exhausted!

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