Suddenly, it’s fall. Time to go a’leafing!

I already know I don’t have any “K” flowers, but I’ve got some lovely shots of the kitchen window and this year’s deck flowers: chrysanthemums, lantana and petunias. Since I took these photos, Owen picked up a second set of mixed mums.

Morning light in the kitchen

The new ones are white and orange. I would have taken pictures of them, but the rain we didn’t get all summer showed up over the past few days. I don’t know how many inches it was, but it was a lot.

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  1. I love the light in your kitchen. It looks great and wd fill me with joy when cooking or baking. Beautiful flowers too. Kalanchoe (?) Is the one plant I can think of.


    • Thank you. I get that light for the first few hours in the early morning, then the sun starts to move to the other side of the house. But first thing in the morning, it’s lovely.


  2. Beautiful! I love the window views, Marilyn.


  3. Stunning shots, all, Marilyn. 🙂 And I love the picture of your kitchen – the light is perfect, and makes it so atmospheric!


    • Thank you! That’s our east-facing side of the house. We get almost no sun on the other side of the house, so all the flowers live over there. I never thought a kitchen could catch light so well, but the sun made the decision for me.

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    • Thanks. The sun made the decision for me. That side of the house faces northeast, more east than north, so the other side gets very little sun. Only an hour very late in the day when the sun is really low in the sky.

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  4. Clever meeting of the prompt there. And lovely photos…


    • I definitely didn’t have any “K” plants, so I got creative. The problem is, I’m good on L and M (but not N), then O, P, R, S and I think (but not sure about) T. No Q, but that’s a given.

      No U, V or X. I can play around with words and see if I can come up with something that’s sort of flowery, even if it isn’t a flower name exactly. Kind of like “K” is for Kitchen! All the easy ones seem to come in clumps. Pity we can’t stretch out those Cs!

      Actually, I found V — for violet. Forgot about violets!

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