FOTD – September 25 – Lilies, Lilacs and Lantana

“THREE WINDS,” she cried. He frowned, but picked more tiles from the wall. Lilies of Tiger and Easter sounds like a mah jongg move, doesn’t it? On the other hand, there’s also Lantana and Lilac. Lilac is my favorite both for its scent and it’s beauty. Lantana is considered invasive, but it’s too cold for it to invade up here, so it’s a “potted” flower — beautiful in the summer, gone in winter.

Pink Lantana
Yellow and orange Lantana

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  1. Beautiful L gallery of flowers. Love your drawn lily too 😀

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  2. O My! Gorgeous.

    Fall is upon us here and the garden is starting show the inevitable change.
    It’s been such a incredible Summer though. Just seemed to bright and sunny all the time.
    It was definitely hotter than normal though, and I never quite seemed to adjust to that,
    but better than the alternative.

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    • It was very hot and very dry here. It was too hot for me, dangerously dry, and too hot for our A/C units, minimal as they are. But right now, the weather is perfect. This is the best weather we get all year and I’m loving it.


  3. Beautiful photos Marilyn.

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