FOTD – September 26 – Magnolia, sugar maple and mums

The Ms turned out to be pretty special. I think I have more of them somewhere, but these three will be good enough, I hope.


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  1. I almost used mums for “M”. I call them mums because I can’t spell chrysanthemum to save my life 😀 😀 Love the close up on your maple leaves 😀


    • I call them mums because it’s less of a mouthful and I think in conversation, unless you are in the nursery biz, that’s what most people call them. It’s certainly how the grocery store labels them.

      If you break the word down, it’s not so hard.


      The only hard part is the Y instead of the I. A spell-checker helps. I don’t spell particularly well, but I look up words brilliantly! Sometimes, I really LOVE Google. This is one of the few words whose spelling I memorized. It came up in a Spelling Bee when I was a kid. I was never a good enough speller to be in a contest, mind you, but until they had spell-checkers, we all needed at least a basic understanding of how common words are written. English is a difficult language with very few unbreakable rules, if any. You can “sound out” most languages. Not English, though. We have more exceptions than rules.

      Anyway, I got to use the same flower twice — under C and M.

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      • That’s actually clever 😀

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        • It’s how I remember words. If I didn’t break them down, I’d never remember anything. It also helps me remember what words mean. I think someone taught me this when I was a teenager, how to break things into piece and somehow link them in your brain so you could remember them in order. I think it was part of some kind of memory course that I didn’t take, but they did.


  2. These lovely flowers are food for the soul, the colour of that magnolia especially…


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