FOTD – September 28 – Narcissus

We’ve had any number of conversations in this house about whether narcissus another daffodil variety. Some say yes, others no. They have a very similar structure and the same kind of leaves. They grow wild locally.

Please be gentle with this sweet flower. I fear politicians have given it a bad name!

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  1. I love them and their scent.


  2. Yes I always thought there were two flowers, just narcissi and daffodils, but of course there are countless varieties of daffodil from big yellow to dainty white, crossing into narcissus…. I think they all come from the narcissus family.


    • I’m sure they are all related. The exact relationship is unclear and I’ve gotten both expert answers (which may have been right — or not) or shrugs from people who I would expect to know. They obviously come from the same family, show the same leaf structure and blooming schedule. I had always thought the little white ones were narcissus and the big yellow ones were daffodils, but I have been informed, then uninformed, that this is (isn’t) true.


  3. We had these on the farm and I always considered them to be white daffodils. Right or wrong, they are such sweet flowers it really doesn’t matter what they are called. I just call them beautiful!


    • That works for me. I’ve heard people tell me they are all daffodils, that they are all narcissus (narcissi?), that they are variations of the same flower. But I love them and when I see them, that’s my sign spring is here, even if it’s still cold and nasty outside.

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      • We have fields full of them in the spring. They are so pretty and the air is scented with them. I suppose they have a Latin name like most flowers do, but it’s been a long time since I took Latin so I don’t know what that is. Narcissus might be the actual name and we have changed it to daffodils over the ages. Whatever they are, I love them and miss that part of the farm most. Can you imagine running through a field of them? Pure heaven!


  4. Beautiful daffodils or Narcissus 😀 😀


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