CMMC – September – The letter P starts the word

I have a lot of “P” stuff from petunias, pottery, printers and pocket watches to Pileated woodpeckers and porcelain.

Ruffled Petunias
Porcelain Qing antique rice bowl
Pottery – Han Dynasty (206 B.C.–220 A.D.)
Silver pocket watch from the late 1800s
Pileated woodpecker

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  1. I almost posted a row of porta potties, a photo I took at the iris festival. I really like all your photos. I didn’t realize petunias had so many different varieties. 😀


    • There a hundreds, maybe thousands of mutated petunias. Plain, big, tiny, ruffled and in every possible color. My favorites, though I haven’t seen them lately, are a very deep purple with heavy veining in the petals. They are quite dramatic! Aslo, they come in a wide variety of sizes, both the flowers and the stalk. Some are much bigger than others. The ones I grew in Israel had a heavier stalk and a bigger, more robust flower.

      Apparently petunias are really easy to mutate — along with tulips and iris. Oh, Israel grows wild iris. They look exactly like garden iris except that they are about half as tall and the flower is also smaller. They come only in original purple. They grow on the upper slopes of Mt. Gilboa — the ONLY mountain I ever climbed. More like scrambled up it. Not exactly like one of the Rockies!

      I have porta-potties all over the place, but now that WordPress has made it impossible to find pictures in your photo library, I can’t FIND them. I was glad it found at least THAT one 😀

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