FOTD – October 1 – S if for Spiderwort and Sunflowers

Really, spiderwort is a wildflower. Very few people intentionally grow it. In fact, as far as I know — at least around here — I am the only one. I love it for it’s deep blue color. For reasons best know to the color spectrum and our cameras, I have a lot of trouble getting these deep blue flowers to show as the color your eyes see. They always come out a dark fuchsia or magenta and yet you see deep blue. I think that beneath the exterior “blue” there is a deep pink undertone and for some reason, that’s the color the camera picks up, at least when you are taking pictures in sunshine. In shade, they show up as blue.

Sunflowers are not wild, but seem to have joined the “wildflower” class and taken to growing as part of the colorful brush along our roads.

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  1. So beautiful, Marilyn (I love the one with you and the sunflowers). Spiderwort is something I’m considering in my small landscaping project (aka, “not think about cancer and see something beautiful” plan). My friend and I chose all Missouri native plants and flowers. Here’s to more pictures and well wishes!


    • Spiderwort is very pretty and the only thing about it that always bothered me is that it is very tall and rather heavy, so when it rains, it “reclines” on the ground and take a bit of drying out before it stands up again. Otherwise, it’s very hardy and has a long growing season — sometimes throwing up flowers all summer into the fall.

      Hang on in there. I got through cancer. Some of us do.

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      • Thank you for the spiderwort info~it’s so helpful! I will keep hanging in and on. I completed 5 days external radiation, one day internal, and I have an endoscopic outpatient procedure Tuesday to numb celiac nerves and hopefully, alleviate tumor burdens to pancreas and other organs. I’ll be glad for a 3 week “break” soon! You’re an encouragement to me!


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