The “not stupid” people always greatly outnumber the “stupid” — if indeed the stupid are as stupid as they act. I have serious doubts about how much of the nonsense they spout is real (even to them) and how much of it is play-acting and intended to throw us off our guard. Because how could they achieve anything if they are really that stupid? So maybe they aren’t? Just saying.

Regardless, you’ve got a big problem in organizing the enormous collection of “non-stupid” people. Not being stupid doesn’t mean you have, as a group, anything in common.

Israeli politics are parliamentarian. When I lived there (this has probably changed by now) there were dozens of tiny little political parties. Many of them managed to get ONE guy or woman elected to the Knesset. There were tons of far right, religious, far left, medium right, medium left but no party for normal people who weren’t far or even medium anything — and nothing for people who were not religious. Note that most Israelis are atheists, but they don’t get the PR. That goes entirely to the religious fruitcakes.

From this, I realized to form a party or any political unit, you need to agree on ONE thing. That thing has to be a driving force for everyone in the party. For most of us, there is no single thing driving us. You can’t possibly lump all the not-stupid people into one group because they aren’t a group. They have no common interests or if they do, it’s not the kind of thing that makes people political.

That’s one of the many things wrong these days. The driven people, the ONE THING people — are mostly Republicans. Democrats are all over the place. They are for all the things we are for, but there’s an “un-focusedness” about them. They don’t have the singularity of purpose that drives the GOP to try to take over the world.

There are ALWAYS many, many, many, MANY more people who have no interest in world takeovers than who do, but it’s the greedy, malignant ones driving the ship of state. It’s always the wrong people who have power because they WANT power. Mostly, we don’t.

How do I know? Because our lives show a significant lack of interest in power. We actually (talk about stupid) believed going to the polls once a year was plenty and we should not need to do more. That certainly turned out to be wrong, didn’t it? There was a lot that needed doing, but we didn’t do it. We tried while we were young and free of the obligations of kids, work, car loans and mortgages. But after we “grew up,” we were too busy. We stayed too busy until retirement, at which point, we discovered we were too old.

Funny about that. Just when my brain is ready to take on the world, my body laughs at me. I’m too old in the body and just barely — finally — wise enough to realize what I should have done.

Too soon old – too late smart.

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  1. Marilyn, I appreciate, understand, and admire your words and wisdom.


    • Thank you! Everyone wants to make us into groups. Sometimes you can when the people involved have a real goal in which they are united. Most of the time, the only thing we have in common is “not being” some other thing. That’s not a group That’s just “everyone else.” Inconvenient though it may be, “everyone else” isn’t a group.

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