CBWC: Candid Photography

I am never sure what “candid means” since hardly anyone who isn’t in show business or modeling gets formal photographs taken. Seriously, do we have any non-candid pictures?

Night in the city
Black & White

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5 replies

  1. Wonderful candid photography Garry and Marilyn 😀


  2. Your hat should have been distributed to everybody…. hopefully this will never be necessary again (those who just wear them NOW won’t ’cause they have no intelligence whatsoever so why would they wear this incentive parole?)


    • People love or hate that hat. The funny thing is that it really ISN’T political. But remarkably, people take it as political. I’m sure that says more about them than me, the gal wearing it.


  3. I couldn’t figure out what they were either, Marilyn. I don’t think I take anything but candid photos, but not sure. The photo of your big guy on the couch looking out the window will always be my favorite.


    • There was a time when there were “traditional” portraits. Now, though, almost no one gets those kind of pictures. Everything is candid.

      That’s my favorite picture of the Duke too. He’s gotten a bit too big to perch like that on top of the sofa, but he tried any. Or maybe the sofa has gotten tired from his weight on it 😀


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