In our ever ongoing attempt to make our house look less like it’s a single step from dereliction, today Owen changed the medicine cabinet in my bathroom. When we bought the house, it had a tiny (ugly) little medicine cabinet that was big enough for nothing useful.

In 2010 when I was going in for breast cancer surgery, we bought a modestly priced cabinet at Home Despot. Despite its inherent cheesiness, it survived the past 12 years reasonably intact. About a year ago, part of a door fell off. We glued it back on and amazingly. It still worked. But the years had wrought changes. The mirror was rusty and and spring locks on the doors only worked on one door. Then, I accidentally splashed some water and a little bitty amount of it hit a bulb in the cabinet. Which exploded. It turned black and there was a hole in the bulb. Luckily, the other three bulbs worked so I could at least I could still use the bathroom.

I obviously needed a new medicine cabinet. Without going into morbid and graphic detail, the prices of medicine cabinets went from ridiculous (they were always overpriced) to obscene. Owen and Arthur finally found something more or less affordable at, you guessed it, Home Despot.1

Most new cabinets don’t have lights attached, so they also had to buy lights. Today was installation day. Owen had designated today as “getting something done” day. Depending on the weather, it would be either a new gate (the old one -is rotting and falling apart) OR installing the medicine cabinet.

It’s raining, so it was the medicine cabinet. And the lights.

It took a bit longer than expected but it got done. It looks pretty much the same way it used to look, but the doors close, the lights all work and the mirror isn’t murky. What’s more, this one feels a lot sturdier than the old one ever felt. It has a nice, solid feel to it.


1 – Despot (pronounced: /ˈdespət/) – Noun: A ruler or other person who holds absolute power, typically one who exercises it in a cruel or oppressive way. Have YOU been to Home Depot lately?

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  1. Always fun to have something new like this to perk up the place!


  2. How fortunate that Owen is handy. Is Home Depot really that bad?


    • It can be. Some are better than others. They used to really have people who knew something working there, but these days, they don’t even know what aisle you need to find a particular item. The stores are HUGE and always understaffed.

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      • We don’t have them here so I’m not sure what an equivalent store would be. I think stores in the USA tend to be much larger than ours anyway.


        • Even for American stores, Home Depots are always gigantic. It’s because they are a combination appliance store, lumber, plumbing, housewares. If you use it in a home, they carry it. From brooms to floor tiles to roofing. This is where contractor’s go to get stuff to build houses. They serve professionals AND amateurs and do some of the installation themselves. So they really are HUGE. I don’t know of any store I’ve ever seen as big as an “average” Home Depot. A lot of places that used to sell stuff like this closed, so when Home Depot opened, there was a market just waiting for some company to step in.

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