Fandango’s Provocative Question #184

Every now and then, a challenge puts out a question I find really hard to answer. This is one of them.

I had to think about this for a while, but I finally decided it was our Honeymoon trip to Ireland. At the risk of asking a stupid question, what was not to like? The people were friendly, the places we stayed were lovely and often interesting. Most of them were B&Bs and the owners were accommodating, knew local history, had great ideas on where we might like to go AND they could cook.

There were cool places to buy clothing. We were both serious about clothing back then because we actually had places to wear dressy clothing. And just to add a touch of gravitas, we liked dressing up. Garry got to wear his cool clothing on TV, but I had to wait for an occasion. Back then, we had occasions.

We went to every pub we could find. There were storytelling pubs and singing pubs. I discovered that you can start AND end the day with Irish coffee, while Garry discovered porter. I eventually pointed out they they didn’t call it porter for nothing, so he switched to Hennessey. Problem solved!

If one place we planned to go was crowded, we went somewhere else. We got lost, got found, got lost and eventually realized as long as we got to the airport in time for our flight home, it didn’t matter. We had no agenda, no specific plans.

Except one.

We wanted to find the place where John Ford shot, “The Quiet Man.” We found it. It turned out that nothing else of any importance had ever happened in the tiny village of Cong, so basically the town was still more or less the same way it was for the movie. Everyone had memories and photos from when movie. We got to see how they managed to shift scenes between areas that were absolutely non-adjacent. Great editing made it look like one place.

We had a wonderful time. I discovered mead and since it was our honeymoon, we could have all of it we wanted. I then discovered a hangover — my one and only. Garry got to be the sober driver and I got to sing happily in my stupor while Garry had to maneuver the car on what was, to us, the wrong side of the road.

Ah Ireland. We always meant to go back again but somehow, it never happened. We did other things. A couple of cruises, two wonderful trips to Disney World, a lot of long weeks on Martha’s Vineyard. The Cape, the White Mountains, Jackman Maine, Tampa, two amazing trips to Arizona, a couple to California. Every single vacation was great. We had occasional issues with weather and a few places that weren’t as nice as they should have been, but we never let this stuff ruin our vacation.

I think one of the great proofs of a good relationship is the ability to travel together and enjoy it. We started traveling together early in the relationship and we had fun — every time.

We don’t travel much anymore, but what little we do? We still love it!

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  1. I’ve rarely had two nickels in my life – so the concept of Holidays was never really entertained. When I did HOLIDAY it was always on the cheap. Fine with me. For a few years I used to drive to Edmonton for Christmas. That was nice. Cheap too. Otherwise I would drive to the Coast – Vancouver Island – 16 hour drive from Calgary to Port Alberni. When I got to Bruce’s place I only needed a few bucks for burgers and coffee. Worked out really well.
    THEN along came Rose. Next thing I knew I was in Santo Domingo, Mexico, the Yucatan, Tofino, Tombstone, and Hawaii. Among other places. None of this was ever planned – or expected – by me. I was just along for the ride. And Rose doesn’t do cheap.
    So it’s been a hell of ride.
    The “Best”? They’ve all been a gift and wonderful. Can’t pick.


    • That was our honeymoon, so it was THE big trip. Oddly enough, the cruises were inexpensive. We didn’t get expensive cabins — and the food is the same no matter how much you pay. We shared the place on the vineyard with 7 or 8 other people or none of us would have been able to afford it. Eventually, the prices got so high, no one could afford it. But it was great while it lasted. Many of our vacations were shared and that was fine and we did a lot of visiting other people who lived in nice places. We could still do that but the years have caught up with us. Plane travel has gotten to be really bad, too.


  2. I’ve e never been to air


    • Sorry, too soon. I’ve never been to Ireland and I guess I’ll never be there. Too bad. It sounds beautiful.


      • It really is and it isn’t nearly as spoiled as much of England has been. I always hoped we’d go back again, but we never did. Garry had been there half a dozen times before that and he loved it. Which is how we wound up there on our honeymoon. I would NEVER have thought of Ireland — but it was September, so the Caribbean was too full of hurricanes and I’d already spent several months in England and Wales, so it was Scotland or Ireland. Ireland was GREAT. Best pubs in the world, too.

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  3. actually, Ireland was also my favorite vacation for many reasons. so far.


  4. What a lovely story… as an Irish lass I’m chuffed with your choice!! I’m also very impressed that you’ve reached this far in life with just ONE hangover!!😅 😂.
    With our wings clipped during Covid, we’ve actually revisited many parts of Ireland in the past few years. Including Cong!!! I reckon it hasn’t changed a lot since your visit! One of my personal favourite Quiet Man stories is about the electrification of the village…. The Electrification scheme was just being rolled out then and hadn’t reached Cong. John Ford campaigned for it knowing how much power he’d need for filming… The locals were delighted – although many were none too pleased when they later discovered they’d actually have to pay for it!!


    • GREAT piece of trivia. Garry will LOVE it. He collects John Ford trivia. I had to laugh at how they cut from Cong to Ashford Castle and back again without even a twitch so it was a surprise realizing how far away one part of a scene was from the contiguous part. He must have been able to visualize how it was all going to piece together so he’d know which sections to film where. I think we had the most fun trekking around Cong and the castle area. They hadn’t rebuilt the old cottage (I heard they had rebuilt it, but I haven’t seen pictures so I don’t really know) — it was just rubble where it had stood, but you could see its former location from the configuration of the field and the shallow stream. We had to do some rock hopping to get across.

      I wish we’d been able to visit at least once more (Garry had been there several times before, but it was my one and only time). We always meant to but something always interfered — family or money or work. Next lifetime, we’ll have to LIVE there.

      I was never much of a drinker. But that mead tasted so good it didn’t feel like it was doing anything … until I fell off my chair.


  5. That’s such an enthusiastic and warm tale – our honeymoon was happening in Porto, Portugal and although we rented a car, we had to watch out not to get into a landslide because it poured most of our vacation copiously. IF a good marriage can be based on How You Spend your Hols together, we have a great marriage for sure. We never have had any issues on any of our trips and there were many.
    We were twice or three times in Ireland but only ever for a very few days (business or other commitments). We loved it every time.

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  6. Lovely post Marilyn

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