FOTD – October 7 – X is for Crossing Bridges in Autumn Foliage

No Xeranthemums for me. Now when there are autumnal bridges to cross and glorious fall foliage to make you catch your breath!

Blackstone Canal

What a difference from last week to this one. Between the time we left the house at around 2:30 and when we came home at just before five, the trees had changed even more. Once fall starts, it moves fast!

Red maple at River Bend – It really looks like this, only brighter.

It really is breathtaking. I see it every year and each time, I think — oh wow, this is amazing. Of course with a couple of hundred pictures — and more to come — I’m having the usual problem of trying to make pictures look right when one part of is searingly bright and another is in deep shade. I have this problem every year and you’d think I’d have figured out a way to deal with it by now, but I haven’t. If I drop the saturation, the picture isn’t blinding, but it’s dull. As taken, it manages to be too dark and blinding at the same time. We need a bright cloudy day 🍁🍂

Stone Bridge full Autumn
Footbridge at River Bend

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  1. Wow, gorgeous colours around your way! Autumn has started here in terms of the weather but the trees don’t seem to have realised yet that they should be changing colour! A few are showing some lovely shades but the majority are still green. I’m concerned that some lost so many leaves during the summer drought that this autumn will be less colourful than most.


    • Last week, we had that “pre-Autumn” coloring. I figured it would take about a week for it to come to full color — and that is exactly how long it took. Don’t give up! It happens — and suddenly, WHAM! Color everywhere.

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  2. I said the same thing yesterday. I pay frequent visits to my 99yr old auntie and from one visit to the next, the trees and shrubs along the road change! It’s an amazing light- and colour show every year and luckily we never stop being enthralled. Nature is best!


  3. Awesome photos.


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