FOTD – October 9 – Glowing trees by the Mumford dam

It didn’t freeze last night, but it got pretty close. In response, every tree lit up as though they are glowing from within.

My ability to process photographs is being sorely tested. The colors are insanely, crazily, madly bright. They really look like that — wildly bright with an intensity I have never seen.

I gave up trying to process. Just a bit of cropping, reduce size and that’s it. What you see is what there is. There is more to come. It’s as if the colors are trying to make up for the burning hot summer. If that be the case, they are doing a fine job!

What the world needs now are sunglasses

Also for Dawn’s “Festival of Leaves.”

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5 replies

  1. Gorgeous! I live in Virginia and we had a rather rainy summer. I attribute that to the beautiful fall we are having.


  2. It seems like the trees are making up foro the past few years as well!


  3. So gorgeous that you don’t need processing. Jealous. Leaves don’t turn here.


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