Festival of Leaves 2022 Week #3: Framed by the Dogwood

FOTD – October 10 – Trees in the Revolutionary War Cemetery

The Mumford River dam is conveniently located across the road from the Revolutionary War graveyard where the trees are tall and wide. It’s interesting how quickly the trees pop with color along the river, but take much longer when they are not along a waterway. I read about backlighting and realized it was all well and good except most of the time, I don’t really have much choice about from where I shoot. There is always a river or a dam in my way.

I loved that yellow and green tree. There was something about the color combination. The graveyard is fascinating for many reason. The family groupings, the presentation of Revolutionary war veterans. From the number of people in Uxbridge who fought in the Revolution, it appears as if almost every adult male in the community fought. I was so interested in the stones, I almost forgot about the trees. I have a lot more pictures of the stones and inscriptions. I will save them for a a bit later.

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  1. Terrific colors. I really like your close ups 😀


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