Sunday Poser # 101

I don’t give it nearly as much thought as I probably should. More than none. I know it’s important, but I’ve got a lot of stuff going on these days. I don’t have time to struggle with one title. I barely have enough time to write posts, edit them, re-edit them, then correct the typos in the corrections.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

I’d like to say this is a new thing but I have never spent a lot of time pondering titles. If I don’t get a brilliant idea at warp speed, I move on. Sometimes, if I’ve got enough time, I might come back and take another whack at it.

Mostly, when I’m done, that’s it. If I reuse the post and later rewrite it, I might come up with a better title. Overall, I just want to get material ready to publish. Promptly. If it takes too long? Well, next time. So far, there has always been a “next time.”

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  1. Lack of time is gradually whittling away all the good bits in life…

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  2. Marilyn, I have the same problem but at times reversed. I’ll think of a great title but then can’t come up with a story to go with it. I write the titles in a booklet I have and hope some day I’ll come up with a story worthy of these fabulous — in my opinion only, titles. The world is just moving too fast for me to catch up lately.

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  3. Thanks Marilyn for sharing your thoughts. I used to do that put I’ve found that a clever title/ headline garners more views.

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  4. Titles are the hardest part for me, too. Especially for books.

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