Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Autumn

Autumn began more or less overnight exactly one week ago. We’ve had a week of wild, flaming, extraordinary color. But the festival is probably going to end tomorrow because we are expecting the first day of two heavy rain days. It’s very likely by Friday, the leaves will be gone. But not the pictures. There are a lot of them and they will be popping up for a while to come.

River Bend
The Blackstone in Rhode Island

You know you’ve moved to the country when you hear a howling outside and suddenly, you realize it’s those coyotes … and the brave canine protector Duke has gone out to yell at them.

Footbridge at River Bend

I don’t want Duke anywhere near the coyotes. They are big, strong, and entirely able to leap the fence if they feel like it. I made Duke very happy by locking him in the bedroom with his favorite person, Garry. And this after giving him treats for coming inside when called. Good BOY!

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  1. Wow, fabulous colours, especially when doubled up in reflections 😲


    • The rivers were like glass and the reflections were mirrors on the water. Now, it’s pouring and it expected to continue for another day, so I am not expecting the colors to still be there by the weekend. It was already past peak yesterday.

      I could be surprised, which would by a nice surprise. This has been a hyper steroid fall that came on FAST and went away equally fast. Usually we get at least a couple of weeks. A weeks is brief, but at least we GOT that week and we were able to get out there to take pictures.

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  2. Oh how lovely! And how I miss the walks in the woods when I was still able to walk. Thank you for taking me on a walk with you there.
    As for Duke, be thankful he wasn’t greeting a family of skunks! Just an insight from my days on the farm when we also had a Duke — our German Shepherd, and he DID greet a family of skunks one morning. He gave us a reason to howl that day.


    • The skunks are stinky but they can’t KILL him. The coyotes can. He really needs to know he can’t mess with the coyotes. They are big, strong, and hungry and I’d just as soon Duke isn’t their dinner.

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      • I didn’t have coyotes at the farm but we did lose cattle to a pack of wild dogs. Our Duke was a German Shepherd, very large and might have been able to handle one on one, but not a pack of them. I wouldn’t want him to try to tackle even one of the critters. I have heard there is a bounty on coyotes around here, but not sure. Back then there was and the men would go out with their guns when they heard howling. Not sure they ever shot anything, but they had to try to be cowboys when they could.


        • I don’t want them dead, but I wouldn’t mind if they found another house at which to howl! That’s some spine-tingling howl, to.

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          • I know it. We had to kill them though. They would attack the calves and then add the mother cow to their meal when she tried to defend her calf. At one time they were everywhere, but i haven’t heard much from the boys about them being as much a problem lately.


            • They have moved into suburbs, cities, and areas like this which I think are now called “exurban.” Partly farming, lots of open land, lots of horse breeding, orchards. Just a little too far from a city to commute. Small towns are a world unto themselves.


  3. Beautiful! And to think you get to see this year after year after year.


    • Autumn really is the gift we get for surviving the other seasons, none of which are pleasant. We get murderously cold winters, cold, wet springs, and hot steamy summers. Three unpleasant season — but one winner. It really is the best weather we get and this was awfully short. I hope we don’t get winter coming on like that!


  4. Those colours are simply magnificent, Marilyn.
    I’m told I haven’t seen autumn at its best until I see it in your neck of the woods.

    Thank you very much for sharing these images with our Autumn challenge.


    • Thank you. This has been a supercharged fall. Beautiful leaves, but over at least a week earlier than usual. It was already past peak yesterday. We may get a long “post peak” period that can , in its own way, be beautiful. I’m counting on it.

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  5. Such splendid colours, Marilyn.


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