FOTD – October 17 – Leaves: Peak & Past

It’s hard to know the exact moment when “peak” leafing passes into “post-peak” leafing. Its especially difficult because it happened differently in different places, even when those areas are very close together. Up north — Vermont, northern New Hampshire, Maine, Canada — are all past peak by now (but still beautiful). Around here, some places are still at peak and others are past it.

The maple leaves are part of the tree directly in front of our house. You can only take pictures of it from the window because otherwise, it’s hidden. Those leaves are the last leaves to change in the season up here. In fact, the leaves on this property are among the last to change. When they do, I know the season is ending.

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  1. The wonder of it all… 🍂


  2. The red of the maple against the bright yellows is wonderful!


  3. Outstanding–I’d reblog if I knew how.


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