Festival of Leaves 2022 Week #4: Autumn Color on the Blackstone River

Even last week, you could see that it was just past peak along the rivers. There were a lot of naked trees, though the rest were in various stages of red and gold. I have to assume that part of this were the very cold evenings we have been getting. While many days have been in the 70s, nights have been quite cold. Not freezing — yet. No hard frosts. Yet.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

Despite everything — wind and rain — there is quite a lot of color remaining. It is past peak, but that doesn’t mean the color is gone, only that it has moved from the eye-popping energy of a week ago to a no-less-beautiful but not quite so brilliant color display. Now it’s less scarlet and orange and more deep red and ochre. The gold and bronze will hang on through most of November too. Until the snow comes, we’ll have at least the remainder of autumn in our woods.

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  1. I love the deep red though, you know?


    • I agree. I like this part of autumn more than the brighter colors earlier in the season. For one thing, they don’t make my camera go wonky trying to get details in the super scarlet trees in brilliant sun. The deeper reds and ochre don’t make the computer in the camera crazy. These colors, with a little luck, will stay with us a few more weeks barring a heavy windstorm.

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