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Melanie is having connection issues so here are “world share” questions just in case she can’t get back on.

It’s the end of the year and I just hit the “donut hole” in my Medicare package. This means that between now and the end of the year — two and a half months — I’m paying a lot more for my medications. Most of them are generic and not insanely expensive, but my inhaler is very expensive and I don’t think I can live without it. Well, I can, but I can’t breathe without it and I think breathing is important. Why are inhalers so insanely expensive here when they aren’t anywhere else in the world?

They guy at Express Script suggested “Corporate greed” as the primary motive. Can’t argue with that. It’s nice that people agree with me, but it doesn’t help me pay for medication. This “new law” they’ve put in place is two-years away, so I’m going to go through this next year, too. But it will be worse because I didn’t get the inhaler till halfway through this year so I’ll hit the gap by June next year. I have no idea how I’ll deal with it. The “raise” we are getting from social security won’t even half cover the medications I will need.

I often wonder why they don’t just offer us the option of conveniently dying rather than letting us die slowly because we can’t afford the medication we need to live properly. This is the ONLY country in the world that has a “for profit” medical “system” which is no system at all. We are also the only country that makes kids pay to go to college because apparently, we don’t want two things:

  1. Healthy citizens
  2. Intelligent citizens.

It’s just getting worse. I try not to read about it any more than I must. I don’t see things getting better, not without a real revolution — a real revolution that unlike the original version actually guarantees freedom for everyone and rewrites the constitution to make it favor humans over corporations.


I can’t begin to say how glad I am to not be young. It must be awful looking forward to the future. Bad enough to be old in this mess, but so much worse being young.

And now, questions to be answered:

When you go food shopping, do you go with a list or amble down the aisles putting things in your basket or cart that you fancy or think you need?

We always write up a list which, as often as not, we forget to take with us or lose before we’re half way through the store. At least the process of writing a list helps us remember what we need, more or less. Without a list I will forget half the things we need. Also, a list keeps us from overspending — and overbuying.

When the temperatures drop for the colder months, is there a specific date you put the heating on or do you flick the switch when you start to feel cold?

I try not to turn the heat on any earlier than I have to, hopefully not before November. The price of oil is very high. Even though with our new boiler we are using a lot less oil, it’s still a lot of money to fill the tank. So we wear sweaters until the days get cold, not just the nights. It hasn’t really gotten cold by day. At night, it can be quite chilly but it has been a lot warmer by day. So far, so good.

Keeping with the cold theme, do you prefer a hot water bottle or an electric blanket at night?

Neither. Down and feather comforter and a furry dog down by my feet.

How do you feel about log burners? Do you think they are messy or cosy?

I think they are cozy AND messy — and heavy. The mess (and the weight) outweighed the coziness. We gave up the fireplaces. Wood wasn’t an effective way to heat this house. Wood is expensive and we didn’t have a proper woodshed, so it was always a bit wet — and heavy. Garry reached a point where hauling wood from the woodpile to the fireplaces was a bit much. Then, after he got bitten by a brown recluse spider living under the woodpile? That was pretty much a finishing touch.

When was the last time you laughed out loud?

Watching John Oliver last night.

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  1. I’m betting that the people who are making it too expensive to live would be violently against voluntary euthanasia for the same reasons that they are against abortion.


  2. Thanks for joining in Marilyn. Take care!


  3. Wow, I can believe that inhalers are so expensive in America! Here they are around a dollar, perhaps less. Same company, same ingredients


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