CBWC: Bicycles, Tricycles and Motorcycles

I actually forgot to post anything yesterday. It was a really busy day and a lot of stuff got done that had been waiting. The dead tree behind the house and two others were taken down. I got the new (expensive!) bird feeder I was waiting for and I really hope it’s finally one that does the job AND doesn’t get removed by raccoons.

And Owen built a new front gate — and went grocery shopping. Between one thing and another, there wasn’t any time left over and by evening, I was tired. Not as tired as Owen who did most of the work, but for me, tired. I didn’t realize I’d forgotten to post anything until I was already in bed with the comforter pulled up to my ears. It was the first time I’d felt warm all day and nothing except the bathroom was getting me out of bed.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

But, having turned on the heat to 66 from 60 degree, or from really pretty chilly to a lot less chilly, I’m back!

Black & White

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  1. You and Garry both have some wonderful photos of bikes and motorcycles for this week 😀 Thanks for playing along 😀


    • You are most welcome. It got cold enough last night to get me to turn on the boiler. It was barely 60 degrees in the kitchen which is pretty nippy for indoors. Now it’s less nippy with a sweater and a hot cup of coffee and the incredible color of autumn all around me.

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