Fandango’s Provocative Question #186

How do you intend to dispose of your physical body after you die? Would you consider a green burial if it were legal where you live?

Drawn by Marilyn Armstrong

Garry and I occasionally have this conversation. He’s 80 and I’m 75. We don’t have burial insurance or any likelihood of getting any. I’m too sick and even when they say they don’t ask any medical questions? Don’t believe it. They DO ask and they DO refuse you. And over 80? You are considered too old.

I’m pretty sure we will be disposed of in the least expensive way we can arrange. If green is doable, I’d gladly do it. Even more likely, a backhoe could turn us very green in our own woods. That’s my personal favorite solution. Mostly though, I don’t want to be dealing with it personally or on my behalf anytime soon.

How ironic that after all these years, I think we need each other more than we ever have before.

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3 replies

  1. What’s the cheapest way to dispose of that thing?
    “Green” is good. (Just not Soylent Green).
    I will not burden anybody with that bag of rocks though.


  2. I love your last line


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